Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing. -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Moses Znaimer, coined the term ZOOMER to describe the highly motivated, energetic, well trained and non-retiring senior – a “boomer with ZIP.” In fact the senior population across Canada is booming. Canadian Zoomers comprise about 44 percent of the population. They are more educated, more wealthy, more diverse, more tech savvy and more politically engaged than ever before.

Today’s savvy senior views retirement as an opportunity for learning, teaching and global outreach.  Gerontologist Sandra Cusack says “we can actually improve our mental function and memory to the end of life.” Staying engaged and trying stimulating new things helps keep brains healthy and fit.

The Leisure Centre in my community offers free drop-in classes for seniors. Yoga, photography, line-dancing, crib…. Lifelong learning can be a blast. What are you learning?

It is never too late to start a learning journey.  The SFU Lifelong Learners Society offers seniors a vast choice of courses to satisfy a thirst for knowledge. Springing up are campus-based housing units for adults age 55 and older, interested in living in a community of active lifelong learners affiliated with an academic institution.


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