This past month I have been mesmerized by the creation of a collaborative digital story.  A multimodal networked storytelling extravaganza,  contributed to by thousands.

It is a tale of villianous Judith Griggs, editor of Cooks Source Magazine.  For those unfamiliar with the story, an article written by blogger Monica Gaudio was reprinted without permission in the October issue of Cooks Source magazine. Gaudio claims that she contacted the editor, Judith Griggs, requesting an apology and a $130 donation to be made to the Columbia School of Journalism. Gaudio, unsatisfied by the email response she received from Griggs, posted an excerpt of the email message on her LiveJournal blog entitled “Illadore’s House o Crack.” The post was picked up by Twitter and Facebook users. Eventually big names like Boing Boing,, The New York Times, and The Guardian, to mention a few, picked up on it too.

Griggs fueled the story by refusing to apologize, berating Monica and by posting sarcastic comments on the magazines facebook page.

The Internet community reacted swiftly, with humor, but also aggressively, bombarding the Cooks Source Facebook page with insults and creating a series of mocking fake Twitter accounts for both the magazine and Griggs.  Videos appeared on YouTube and thousands of bloggers voiced their opinion.

The Internet Community turned a case of copyright theft into a multimodal networked collaborative digital story with humor, intrigue, scandal and tragedy. Villian became victim as Griggs faced unleashed cyberbullying. Recently she announced the closure of the cooking magazine and the URL now directs you to, a web hosting company.  The Facebook page has been closed.


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